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Onika Richards is the Lead Publicist + Founder of Elevate PR Group. Born and raised in culture-filled Brooklyn, New York, it was no surprise that music and the arts became an essential part of Onika’s life. With the diversity the city offered and the NYC hustle in her blood, Onika was always surrounded by creatives. Naturally, Onika developed a love and passion to work in a creative field. In May 2018, she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Documentary Studies and Production from Ithaca College. Naturally, she fell into documentary film because she was able to tell stories visually and creatively about important topics. During her junior year of college, she moved to Los Angeles to intern at MTV in the production management department. Being in the capital of entertainment, Onika noticed everyone always wanted to know who you were and what you did. She ended up meeting so many promoters, DJs, bouncers, agents, artist managers, and artists organically.

Lead Publicity Manager

She learned quickly that she was a great listener and many gravitated towards that energy. Eventually she was helping people tell their own stories. It was like she fell into PR without evening knowing what she was doing were key components to public relations: storytelling and forming authentic relationships. After six months of living in LA, Onika eventually took her new found passions back to New York.

After working internships at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, NBCUniversal, and MTV, Onika decided to fully pursue PR after graduation. Since graduating in 2018, Onika has worked full time for MTV/VH1’s Brand Creative department as a production assistant, a talent PR firm that managed the personal publicity for many of America’s most loved artists, actors, and fashion icons under the direction of a nationally known veteran publicist, and most recently at Conde Nast Entertainment as a manager of creative development. Onika has also worked hands-on with BET’s PR team at tentpole events like the BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, and BET's Black Girls Rock Award Show. In addition, she has worked the MTV Video Music Awards both with talent and production, the International Emmys, and smaller premieres throughout New York.
Onika is passionate about helping to mold and further develop the brands of musical artists, small businesses, and creatives.


Learn more about the founder at Voyage LA

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